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    Carpet Beetles and Borers Removal

Carpet beetles are the forms of beetles that feed on several animal products like feathers, dry meats, hair and many more. Usually you will not find these on the food but they might have walked over your food contaminating it and making it unfit for consumption. Finding the source of carpet beetles is quiet difficult. For that you need our help. One of the best ways you can prevent beetles is by vacuuming and keep food scraps away. If you find any signs of carpet beetles infestation in your home make sure you call us for our expert services. We assure you of quality services at prices lower than many other pest controllers. We use the latest technologies and solutions that will affectively clean the areas without harming anyone else. We recommend cleaning all your clothes after the entire process. Our experts will guide you how you can prevent carpet beetles to attack your household again.

Another form of beetle is the borers. The damages they occur can be major or minor. It is important to know the type of beetle before you start to treat it. Each type has specific way of treatment. Professionals will know the type and will offer the program that is suitable.